Dear Melanie,

I want to thank you for the coaching you have extended to me.  Eating within the guidelines of a whole food plant based diet was very new to me. I appreciate you giving me the needed fundamentals to start and benefit from your plant based program.

You also explained that my palate would change and crave less meat and sugar. You were right in that respect too.

I have started to see some improvements in several areas; such as my resistant blood pressure has gone down from 140/90 to 112/72, weight loss, and overall feeling more comfortable.

Amazingly, I’m more comfortable in my entire body and definitely my clothing too due to the plant based diet and coaching I received.

I’m looking forward to additional positive victories and achieving more goals from the program as I continue.

I hope you are able to assist many others in improving their health, diet and eating habits through your coaching effort of plant based eating.

Thank you so so much. I’m forever grateful for your coaching work!

Sandra Drayton


Thank you for your support and experience during this journey.

You have really been very helpful and insightful.  During our time together you have been a great support helping to reach my goal.

I have seen the benefits of a plant based diet. I have been less bloated and have seen a decline in my headaches.  I have also noted that fact that during this time I have had to really think about my mindset and how it can work for me or against me.

I appreciate the collaborative approach you have with this program…I am sure as I move along my journey working with you will be a a great highlight!

Thank you for your time and effort.