Melanie Truesdale

Hi, I’m Melanie, plant based health coach. I help female caregivers combat prehypertension or newly diagnosed hypertension, and maintain optimal health as they care for loved ones using an elevated whole food plant based approach. I’m certified as a plant based coach with The Plant Protocol, certified master health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and certified professional plant based cook with the Rouxbe Culinary School.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

 I chose to embark on a health coaching career after successfully overcoming my own personal health challenges. The toll of caregiving for many years for multiple family members led me to total burnout, leaving me with a host of chronic health conditions including prehypertension. Adopting a whole food plant based diet, regular exercise, and choosing to have a healthier mindset helped me to reverse my chronic lifestyle conditions and prevent many health challenges that come with caregiving.

Scientific research has shown how diet, movement and managing stress are powerful means to nourish and heal the body, as well as prevent many chronic diseases. I specialize in taking an elevated whole food plant based approach to combat chronic preventable health challenges due to lifestyle choices, specifically pre-hypertension and hypertension which is usually a precursor to other chronic lifestyle diseases. My mission is to help female caregivers understand how lifestyle choices have a tremendous effect on the quality of their lives as well as those they care for. In addition, to the role that diet, exercise and stress management play in achieving the unique daily work-life balance that caregivers face. I enjoy helping my clients achieve optimal wellness and discover how to feed and nourish their bodies, minds, and feel renewed and energized to take back and enjoy their lives.