What I Learned from Starting a 30 Day Walking Challenge

In July I decided to initiate a 30 Day Walking Challenge to encourage people to get up and move more, So of course, I had to show up myself and get out there everyday. So each day I did a video of my walk and shared it on the Facebook group support page I created. I would share, encourage and try to motivate the members in the group to continue walking for 30 days. As we approached the halfway mark, I got up to go out to walk one morning and I felt different. I no longer felt that I had to get up and show up for the 30 Day Challenge group, I had to show up for me. I have to be accountable to myself, to love and take care of myself. So, it no longer became a 30 day challenge for me, it’s a lifetime of challenging myself to grow, be a better person and love and care for myself despite all the obstacles, distractions and challenges life throws at me.

Have an Amazing Day Everyone, On Purpose!