Are You Penciled In?

Scheduling in time for exercise is important. Schedule yourself in your calendar as if it was a work meeting, a doctors’ appointment or an important event, and don’t cancel it! As a matter of fact, put it on repeat on your smart phone calendar. Last week was extremely busy, appointments, crises, work and family related issues; I even hurt my foot (not seriously, thankfully) and yet I was able to keep my scheduled time to walk because I knew I was accountable to my walking group as well as myself. I had to schedule me in. If you don’t schedule yourself in your calendar and view it just as important as your other scheduled appointments, it’s easy to just let it slip by and say ‘I’ll walk or exercise tomorrow.’

For some it can be challenging, myself included. I am not a scheduler. I am a very spontaneous person. I never know how I’m going to feel or what’s going to come up. I usually play things by ear. I also hate To-Do-List. Maybe it’s subconscious rebelling. Lol! I keep everything in my head which is not good thing. Scheduling will be a new challenge I will begin implementing for myself. Especially, in regards to self-care. #Continuallygrowing

Have you checked your schedule today? Are you penciled in?